The project involves partners coming from different fields of activity, as associations of mountain guides, associations related to green tourism, travel agenecies and e-learning provider, working togheter for achieving the common goal of the project. As well they work at European, national and regional level to spred information outside the project border.


The Romanian Mountain Guides Association (AGMR), is the main a professional mountain guide association in Romania. It was founded in 1992and it is the association that created and introduced the ‘mountain guide’ occupation in the Romanian Code of Occupations (COR), developed the occupational standard and has the main objective to promote and maintain a high level in the professional field of the mountain guides.

One other main objective of the Romanian Mountain Guides Association (AGMR), is to promote and valorise the mountain areas, the development of a quality and sustainable tourism, ensuring both the protection of clients and the environment.

AGMR has been organizing mountain guide corses since 1996, in the beginning in partnership with the Tourism Authority, and since 2007, courses endorsed by the National Qualifications Council. Up untill now, over 200 people have graduated the AGMR mountain guide courses.

AGMR members and instructors are experienced professionals and they are among the top personalities in the of mountain activities field. From the AGMR instructors and trainers- six of them are already aspirant international mountain guides(the IFMGA certification) and one of the association’s target is to become IFMGA member.

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Edufor it’s a small company looking to European values targeting the actual needs of adults or child’s in various directions such digital integration, sustainability, cultural awareness.

We are looking to be part on various European projects gaining from exchange of experience and helping with our expertise. We are ready to help stakeholders in writing qualitatively proposals into Erasmus+ program.

One of the main activity it’s implementing of educational platforms and e-learning development using interactive content, animation and video resources for VET providers, schools, universities, private companies and NGOs.

We are running a range of e-learning courses for adults focusing on management, marketing and sustainability and we try to develop more our offer attracting European founds.

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Professional Team Company is specialized in tailor made touristy program. We are specialists in large carnivores observations, mountain hike and visiting of Saxonian heritage in Romania.

As well is know, Romanian Carpathians Mountains are home of largest population of bears, lynxes and wolves from Europe and we have been taking our guest to watch bears at special observatories, and trekking on mountain paths that offer excellent wildlife viewing starting with 2003 year.
Carpathians Mountains are one of most beautiful and spectaculars mountains in this part of Europe. We can discovery together with our guest lakes and ridges , forest and alpine pastures, steep rocky area and gentle picks.

Saxonian heritage in Romania is situated in Transylvania and is one of the best preserved regions in Romania: rich in medieval town (e.g. Sighisoara, Brasov, Sibiu), wonderful castles and traditional villages with fortified churches.
All this unique experience we share to our guest with proudly.

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Italian Association for Responsible Tourism, was created in 1998; it is a second level organization with about 100 members, all legal persons. Its aim is the diffusion of principles and rules of responsible tourism, the centrality of local people, the respect for the environment and local culture, the friendly relationship among local people and guests in tourism destinations.

AITR participates in development cooperation projects, supports the activity of its members tour operators, organizes training and capacity building courses focused on the principles of responsible tourism, participates in campaigns and conferences at national, European and international level.

AITR is a member of Necstour, Network of European Regions for Competitive and Sustainable Tourism, of OITS/ISTO, International Organization for Social Tourism and of EARTH, European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality. AITR is also a member of the National Council for Development Cooperation within the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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Monterosa Academy in an association that offers specific courses for technical and educational learning of skiing and other mountain sports including snowshoes, mountain biking, and multisport courses (reserved for children). The spirit of the association is to promote and disseminate the learning of sport through specific paths and programs. Monterosa Academy avails itself of the various professional and not professionals figures of any specific sector.

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Ecosystem Europe Association was born as NGO in late 2013 because of a growing need to get people to think about their future and prepare them to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We aim to create a favorable environment for access to innovative, flexible and attractive applications for students, educators and entrepreneurs, thus achieving a working balance between society, economy and the environment.

With natural principles and ecosystems as our inspiration, we help businesses and young entrepreneurs analyze and manage various environmental aspects. We provide interactive and online instruments and methodologies, lean and informal approaches to enable managers to re-design their business models and improve their environmental performance.

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Bulgarian Association of the Guides in Natural Environment is a non-governmental organization. The association is registered in 2005 from people involved professionally in mountain guiding in order to facilitate the access to trainings in the sphere of mountain guiding, international and national recognition of its members as well as building a network for knowledge exchange and sharing experience.

Among the main goals of the Association is international recognition of the mountain guides in Bulgaria through facilitating the country to become a member of International Association of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA).

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Eco Monde is a tour operator organizing different adventure trips in Bulgaria and Balkan peninsula. In the last fifteen years, the company is creating unique experiences for its clients offering hiking activities off the well-trodden tourist trails, ski touring, ice climbing, biking and etc.

Real exploration, authentic experiences, genuine cultural exchange and responsible travel practices are at the heart of every program Eco Monde is offering.

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