Preparatory training

The MONT-GUIDE + project supports those wishing to prepare for the admission test at the mountain guides course which will be organized by the Romanian Mountain Guides Association and takes place between November 2018 and August 2019.

Also the partners form Bulgaria and Italy will organize training sessions for obtaining additional useful skills in areas related to mountain guiding or similar/tangential occupations.

In order to give equal opportunities to all people, indifferent to the social, material or ethnic situation, the MONT-GUIDE + project comes to support these people with a free 3 months training that runs from July to September 2018.

Traning is tailored to each participant and has two parts: a theoretical part and a practical one.

 On the theoretical part, depending on each student's abilities, trainees are directed to learn by watching video tutorials embedded into project e-learning platform, accessed at the address:

 On the practical part, the trainees are prepared for the classic climbing and climbing test in the two week-end camps organized in September; please note the practical part it will be available just for Romania

In order to enroll in the training, please fill the answers in the selection questionnaire below. If you are selected, you will be informed as soon as possible how to access the educational materials and any other further information.

Please note the selection of Romanian participants it's finished in 15 July 2018.

For Bulgarian and Italian trainees the enrollment it's still OPEN!


To fill the selection questionnaire, you are requested to access the following link HERE



Running of practical preparatory training

In the weekends 14-15 September and 22-23 September, Romanian Mountain Guides Association organized the practical stage of FREE TRAINING in Brasov.  This training aimed to prepare economic and social disadvantaged people for the entry test requested to access the mountain guide course, which will run in the period 2018-2019. 

The meeting started with a brief introduction of the participants, the trainers and the programs objectives. The trainers presented the basic technical elements: equipment and materials used in mountaineering, basic knots and hitches used in climbing, safety techniques and rock climbing techniques.

During the session, the students had the opportunity to practice the notions learned at the theoretical stage, under the close supervision of our instructors: Alexandru Paun and Catrinel Enache.


Photo gallery of the training session