"Mountain guide" occupational standard

For creating a common occupational standard which ensure transparency, validation and recognition of mountain guides at European level, as well as including required competencies by IFGMA - the institution which regulate the profession at global level and new skills required by the world of work, especially green skills, it was necessary to create a specific methodology. This methodology can be a practical guide also for other institutions which need to develop new occupations or improve existing one's. So, we invite the interested parties to download it bellow.

In base of proposed and agreed methodology, project partners developed a common occupational standard for "mountain guides" which can be applied in any European country. We invite relevant stakeholders to contact project partners' for integrating new occupational standard into their country and environment. For that you can access the document bellow. Later communications and collaborations can be useful for implementation and mutual recognizing of mountain guides in the beneficiary countries.

AGMR - Romanian Mountain Guide Association, coordinator of the project, adapted the common European occupational standard to Romanian legislation and environment and request for validation to National Authority for Qualifications - ANC. After approval, the new occupation will be practiced in Romania in base of new standard.