First transnational project meeting

Brasov, 7 - 11 November 2017

The first transnational project meeting was held in Brasov, in the period 7-11 November and was hosted by the project coordinator: Association of Mountain Guides in Romania. All partners were represented by own staff.

The meeting scope was mainly providing a good start of the project.

On 8 November the coordinator made a presentation with the most important provisions of the contract: the obligations and the role of the project coordinator and partners', visibility of Union funding, ownership of the results, amendments to the agreement, cases of suspension of the contract, etc. The financial rules were presented, covering the project budget lines and the eligible costs for each, as well as the documentation to be prepared for each type of expense (supporting documents and reports).

Felicia Enache from AGMR and Catalina Constantin from EDUFOR made a general presentation of the project: scope, objectives, main activities and events, roles and responsibilities, desired impact.

In 9 November it was presented in depth the role of each partner in the project, timelines, budget line, amounts and  supporting documents. Also Mrs. Catalina Constantin made a power-point presentation of European methodology for project management that will be applied in the project: Open PM ² methodology and related documents.

In 10 november Ms. Catalina Constantin made a presentation on the topic: main European documents concerning transparency, comparability, validation and recognition of skills and qualifications. All partners have agreed to follow the requirements of the European documents presented for the achievement of intellectual outputs.

Ms. Felicia Enache led the discussion with the theme: Skills needed analyses. The IFMGA demands were presented relating to the mountain guide skills and made a comparison with the competences required to mountain lieder. Starting from these competences were sketched a profile of mountain guide competencies and each partner chose the competences that they will work on the duration of the project. 

Ms. Milena Ignatova from Ecosystem Europe and Mr. Maurizio Davolio from AITR were referred to the green and CSR competences that should be included in the curricula, and Mr. Bogdan Costescu from Proffesional Team presented mountain guide from the perspective of the employer.

All partners have said their point of view on the modalities of introduction in the curricula the mix of learning methods: e-learning, training in the mountains with instructors, mobility and workplace practice and they underlined the importance of the exchange of experience within the short-term training event for the implementation of these methods. 

During the meeting all participants were actively involved into the discussions. Some important decisions related to next tasks and financial aspects were undertaken.


Second transnational project meeting

Sofia, 8 - 10 May 2018

The second transnational project meeting was held in Sofia, in the period 8-10 May 2018 and was hosted by the partner Eco Monde. At the meeting participated staff from Bulgaria and Romania from the following institutions: Eco Monde -hosting partner, Mountain Guide Association in Romania - coordinator of the project, Ecosystem Bulgaria, Association of Mountain Guide on Natural Environment - Bulgaria, Professional Team - Romania, EDUFOR - Romania. 

The main objectives of first day were:

1. Analyzing the activities and the evolution of the project.

2. Identification, analysis and proposal for solving of project risks.

3. Discussing in depth the tasks and roles which must be accomplished by every partner in the next period

There it was approved the final form of development of European "mountain guide" qualification methodology by the project quality team and coordinator. It was analyzed the activities carried out and project deadlines. It was proposed adjustments in GANT chart. 

For avoiding delaying risks, each partner has assigned specific tasks for the next period.

It was discussed in depth modalities to develop training materials, enroll trainees, rolling and testing preparatory course for mountain guides having as target economic and social disadvantaged persons.

The second day meeting objectives were:

1. Discussing the dissemination events 
2. Improving the dissemination plan by the project team.
3. Analyzes of financial documents’ of partners
4. Discussing the issues for next transnational meeting in Italy

There were discussed the main characteristics that must be accomplished for a successful dissemination event.
The dissemination plan was improved with new activities and for each activity was assigned a responsible. As well, it were discussed the ways to measure the impact of the dissemination actions.

The coordinator checked the mandatory documents of all partners organizations and were accomplished the formal activities relating to the meeting. It was analyzed the budget spent until present by partner.

Considered as a strong opportunity to disseminate the project results, the partner's concluded that next meeting to be linked with an important event in Italy, TTG - Tourist Fair in Rimini and as a consequence to change the place of the meeting.