Short term training event

Gressoney Saint Jean, 1 - 7 April 2018

Between 1 and 7 April took place in Italy, Gressoney Saint Jean in the Alps, a training of the trainers event in the framework of the European Erasmus +, Strategic Partnerships, Mont-Guide +. The event was hosted by the Italian partner "Monterosa Academy" and supported by the project coordinator  Romanian Mountain Guides Association.
The event was addressed to Romanian, Bulgarian and Italian trainers who form mountain guides or teach skills specific to this occupation to improve their skills for sports and teaching in line with the latest pedagogical trends. The project partners were both trainers and learners, thus exchanging good practice. The training took place both in the classroom and in the mountain environment of the Alps.
The main topics discussed were:
Sportive part:
- Developing the practical set of climbing skills needed to guide customers on snow, glaciers, ice, and mixed rock and ice routes.
- Developing risk management skills: glacier trips, rescue flights, avalanche rescue
Pedagogical part:
- Development of e-learning content
- Good practices on different teaching methods: face-to-face, collaborative, mind mapping and work-based learning

Because the project promotes e-learning as modern educational pedagogy we are sharing free of charge the interactive resource created by project partner EDUFOR with the occasion of short term training event in Gressoney.

This resource will help beginner e-learning developers in creating new projects and provides examples of best practices in e-learning.

Sportive part - photo gallery

Peadagogical part - photo gallery