The event was host by Eco Monde and Ecosystem Europe Association on 19 January 2019 and took place at Rila Mountain, Panichishte, Bulgaria. The participants were: general tourism guides, tourism associations and hiking and climbing clubs.

The event consists of two parts:
* in the morning there was a practical outside training for avalanche rescue which was made in the form of a game with the representative of the travel business and their kids.
* in the afternoon there was a seminar in a meeting hall, where the activities of the project were presented with focus on the educational opportunities the online platform will provide for everybody and especially for the staff of the travel companies.
The morning part was specially designed this way, as first the target group of the event were people working in the tourism sector but not mountain guides, so it is useful for them to know about educational opportunities, but their not going to be students themselves. Secondly the event took place in Saturday, when most of those people would like to have some quality time with their families. Thus, we hoped to combine the interest of the travel sector with their needs.