Profession mountain guide

On 12 February 2019, the event “Profession mountain guide” took place at Vitosha Mountain which is the closest high mountain to Sofia and thus allowed plenty of people to join the event.
The event promoted through Facebook  and created a huge interest and almost 500 people declared their interest to participate.

The event was attended by members of hiking and mountain clubs, students of sport faculty, students of travel faculty, current mountain leaders, members of tourism associations, general public interested on the topic of mountain guides.

The event was highly interactive and the participants were divided in groups in order to handle them easily but also to ensure that each of them take place in the interactive educational games prepared by BAGNE.

Experienced mountain leaders and representatives of the Bulgarian Mountain Rescue service also took part as lecturers in the events.
All participants in the events were introduced to the “common mountain guide occupational standard” developed by the project and blended learning courses created by the Mont Guide + project on its e-learning platform.