A new concept about mountain guide, Bucharest – Romania, 29 August 2019

In 29 august 2019, starting with 12:30 hours, in Bucharest, AGMR – Romanian Mountain Guides Association, in partnership with BLOKX – climbing hall  has organized the event „ A new concept about mountain guide“, aiming to multiply the results obtained into the MONT-GUIDE+ project.

The first part of the event it was dedicated to understanding actual mountain guide occupation requirements into the partner countries and the role of mountain guides in practicing qualitative tourism. The keynote speakers were: coordinator of the project – Ms. Felicia Enache and the project partners, which presented their role and achievements into the project framework.

After lunch, persons who want to become mountain guides were invited to practical workshops testing some project learning modules, together with AGMR instructors, Catrinel Enache and Bogdan Rus.  The workshops issues were:

  • insurance techniques – grouping organization
  • wall saving / tips and tricks
  • equipping and equipping a climbing route, mounting the top and recovering the loops

The event was considered a success by participants who expressed their opinion into feedback questionnaires.